Working to secure the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples

Minority Rights Group International campaigns worldwide with around 130 partners in over 60 countries to ensure that disadvantaged minorities and indigenous peoples, often the poorest of the poor, can make their voices heard.

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Freedom From Hate

5 countries, 5 campaigns, 1 central aim.

To counter online hate speech against Roma in Eastern Europe.

The Roma community is the European Union’s (EU) largest ethnic minority, with a population of approximately six million residing in all EU member states. According to the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights, Roma ‘live in overwhelmingly poor conditions on the margins of society, and face extreme levels of social exclusion’. These poor conditions equally relate to […]

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The best and most efficient way to fight and discredit hateful messages is to provide facts and verifiable data.

Roma National Council, Croatia

With limited online reach the Roma National Council (RNV) had to approach this project more creatively.  RNV stated in their campaign plan, ‘it is our firm conviction that the campaign in order to be effective (according to different criteria) cannot be targeted at the general public. Changes in this conviction can only come about if we […]

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Tapping into the popular cultural phenomenon of ‘memes’ in the digital world, the Human Rights Institute (HRI) has achieved remarkable results in tackling the preconceptions and stereotypes inflicted on the Roma population in Slovakia. As a visual interface that incorporates both humour and information, memes act as an accessible medium on social media platforms for […]

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The Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance (Amalipe) is a leading Roma organization working for equal integration of Roma in Bulgarian society. Amalipe plays a central role in mobilizing the Roma civil movement and advocates for greater Roma representation within government institutions. It has 11 Community Development Centres across Bulgaria, allowing it to work at […]

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Education policies that promote equity and support disadvantaged students may help to reduce income inequality in the future.

Romedia Foundation, Hungary

The Hungarian Roma-led NGO Romedia is a regional media organization, running media campaigns to promote awareness and understanding of the Roma community. They have decades of experience in designing Roma-inclusive media approaches and disseminating these messages through regional networks. For the Freedom From Hate project, Romedia developed a campaign that targeted online hate speech (cyberhate) and negative […]

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Forum for Human Rights (FORUM), based in the Czech Republic, focuses on international human rights litigation and advocacy in Central Europe. Its lawyers represent several strategic cases in the Czech Republic aimed at fighting discrimination against Roma. FORUM cooperates with international and local Roma NGOs, and as lawyers can contribute to positive and informed discussion […]

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