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Challenging online hate speech in Hungary

1 min read

The Hungarian Roma-led NGO Romedia is a regional media organization, running media campaigns to promote awareness and understanding of the Roma community. They have decades of experience in designing Roma-inclusive media approaches and disseminating these messages through regional networks.

For the Freedom From Hate project, Romedia developed a campaign that targeted online hate speech (cyberhate) and negative stereotypes against the Roma community in Hungary. The campaign aimed to challenge the negative perceptions widespread among many Hungarians by showing how stigmatization and negative stereotypes exist in schools against Roma parents and school children.

Cyberhate is an ongoing problem in Hungary that further deepens negative prejudice and stigmatization of Roma in all areas of their life, for example in schools. This pernicious form of negative discrimination hinders all efforts to close the gap between Roma and non-Roma.

Screenshot 2019-08-19 at 15.20.17

The campaign, focusing on an imaginary family, showed how both parents and children are subjected to discrimination and hate online.

Screenshot 2019-08-19 at 15.28.48

The video was a tool for raising awareness about online hate speech and bullying, using the story of a Roma family.

This is a perfect example of a visual campaign structured around a common theme, telling the story of a family and addressing online hate speech, which is often unnoticed, yet crucial problem in society. On top of the video, Romedia also used images to join the dots and capture the complexities of cyberhate.

For those with experience in filmmaking and digital media, using high definition video and photography to tell a story of social exclusion and discrimination is the perfect way forward in today’s photo and video oriented world.


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